At Your Side Therapy provides counselling for abuse in Livingston, West Lothian and Lanarkshire.

Abuse can take many forms. Put simply it can take place when we feel we are being bullied, humiliated, belittled or powerless.
When we feel we are victims of abuse it is important to ask this question:

'Have I dealt with being a victim?'
If the answer to this is no, then I would argue that the abuse has not ended yet. And we are likely to be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Therapy can offer a safe place in which to discuss our feelings and the importance of living in the present. Therapy can help us to safely let go of desperately holding onto someone or something - often without realising it.
It is important to learn to feel as complete as we can be.  Knowing who we are and confident about who we are can be highly attractive to others as well as bringing a sense of peace within ourselves.
Neediness, desperation and clinginess are a turn off to other people - and can reinforce our sense of loneliness and isolation. We become difficult to be around.  
So let's give up the belief that we have to please others no matter what. Like often attracts like. The result? Most likely someone else who is desperate and needy too.

Therapy with At Your Side Therapy can help us with our own awareness. It can help guide us about who we can trust in the future, when and for what. It can help us identify red flags and warning signals.
It can help us to pay attention to our inner voice and learn to trust ourselves.

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All of our client work is carried out following the Code of Ethics and Conduct stipulated by the national regulatory bodies, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, The British Psychological Society, and The National Council for Hypnotherapy.
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